Very Good, Good on his feet and quick at offering alternate analogies, Brilliant, truly appreciated.

Greater Victoria Sport Tourism Partnership (SportHost Victoria)

Although I have mentioned this to you on many occasions, I wished to formally recognize the efforts of your company and the significant positive impact it has had on the growth of Go West Group. Novaport’s experience and expertise, has enabled Go West to successfully grow as a company avoiding many of the typical “growing pains and pitfalls.” Your advice and guidance is priceless! Thank you! We look forward to another successful year working with Novaport.

Melinda Harris, Brand Strategist

Peter is intelligent and insightful. He seems to show up in my life at defining moments. Each time he has guided me with compassion, strength and integrity. He possess a rare combination of business, faith and artistic talent.

Steven Dagg, CEO, Steven Dagg Ltd.

Very Good, Excellent direction management, guided our focus to issues we needed to discuss, felt more committed to the project with a clear commitment with decisions made on topics discussed.

Board Member, Victoria Tall Ships Society

CRPC turned to Novaport for guidance during restructuring and developing human resources policies and procedures. We were impressed by the clarity that Novaport’s guidance provided us. Novaport educated us and provided us with the tools necessary to manage our existing activities and successfully grow as an organization.

Steve Frisch, President

Thank you for your assistance during the last few months. I am looking forward to a profitable new year.

David, Small business owner

Hey Peter, That was a wonderful job you did. I found it quite inspiring and it reminded me that while I have been successful in fundraising because I work through relationships, I had never converted it into a planned design before. What you said greatly affected my thinking for my own fundraising as well as for the project. That was exactly what we needed and especially relevant to us at this time. I think it will get us off in the right direction.

Jim Ricks, PhD, Board Member

Peter guided us through a very important period of growth in our company, the period when we began to move from ‘Mom & Pop’ to an increased level of responsibilities for us all. It has been said that good questions lead to clarity. Peter was bold enough to ask the tough questions. Peter guided us through a number of projects as well, one of which was our much needed employee handbook. Another aspect of Peter’s leadership, which we still use today was a detailed yet efficient hiring process. We have truly been privileged to have Peter’s guidance and advice. His influence lingers on, in a positive manner.

Bill Boesterd, Owner