Have you ever caught yourself dreaming the seemingly impossible?

Dream, Dare and Do! Through many years of practice I gained plenty of wisdom about taking dreams and making them happen.   What evolved was a crystal clear system that when implemented' certifies a higher level of success. Try these seven simple but necessary steps and see if this simple system … [Read more...]

Case Study 1 – Retail

A retail store in a small regional town A retail store in a small regional town was fighting for its life. As a result of our initial conversation there were four presenting issues. Limited understanding of their customer base Spending thousands of dollars on advertising and no money left … [Read more...]

Case Study 2 – Non Profit

A sports association and registered charity in a state of crisis A sports association and registered charity was in a state of crisis; the executive director had been dismissed by the Board and the association was in financial disarray. A change was needed. They were referred to Peter. He met … [Read more...]

Case Study 3 – Service Company

Dissatisfied partners in service industry Due to the competitive nature of the industry, new designs were required from Designer Dave all the time and new marketing strategies were required by Salesperson Don. Over time, however, both became dissatisfied with the proceedings of their partnership … [Read more...]