Case Study 2 – Non Profit

A sports association and registered charity in a state of crisis

A sports association and registered charity was in a state of crisis; the executive director had been dismissed by the Board and the association was in financial disarray. A change was needed.

They were referred to Peter. He met with the board and senior staff who asked him to do review the operations as well as the financials (revenue and expenses). The association had grown quickly without incorporating a system to manage the growth. They outgrew their abilities to manage and everything was imploding. After careful analysis Peter found that the charity needed an immediate cash injection of two hundred thousand dollars to survive as a charity.

A rescue plan was devised and a strategy to solicit funds worked thus allowing time for a longer term strategy to evolve:

  1. The association was operational again, though it needed restructuring and a more financially realistic plan.
  2. The number of service outlets was reduced, office space was consolidated into a regional center, and new staffs were hired.
  3. Peter assisted in reducing the staff numbers by fifty-percent without reducing service delivery outcomes.
  4. Peter also advised the Board in rewriting the staff and training manual, and set a procedure for writing job descriptions.
  5. Peter stayed on annual retainer for over ten years conducting annual strategic planning sessions to ensure the organization’s survival and stability.
  6. Peter’s main attributions to the association were strategic planning, operations, finances, and staff placement.