Have you ever caught yourself dreaming the seemingly impossible?

Dream, Dare and Do! Through many years of practice I gained plenty of wisdom about taking dreams and making them happen.   What evolved was a crystal clear system that when implemented’ certifies a higher level of success.

Try these seven simple but necessary steps and see if this simple system works for you.

Research: In order to rightfully evaluate dreams & ideas, the opportunity must be researched.  What is the opportunity cost? Who are the beneficiaries?   Research clarifies and potentially reduces risk.

Initiate: All planning must eventually be started.  This is the leap of faith.  Nothing is risk free. This is the dare.  The opportunity to fail is the obverse of the opportunity to succeed.  Go for it!

Expect resistance: Resistance is a normal reaction to new ideas, new methods and changes.  If we expect it we will prepare to answer the questions, address the fears and encourage the doubters.

Educate to overcome resistance: Resistance is never overcome by defending or pushing back.  It is very difficult to get anyone to change opinions.  It is much easier to provide more information so that the resistors can make new decisions (and perhaps save face).

Persist: The best of plans will meet with unexpected roadblocks.  Persistence is essential to success.  Do not give up.  Press on.  Use resistance to strengthen and learn.

Get results: Results are a measure of success but not the end.  Too often we rest on our laurels and then go into a repeat cycle hoping for the best.

Measure outcomes: The only way to understand what is happening is to ask for feedback from customers, cohorts, non-participants, and others.

Improve: The commitment to a continuous cycle of improving is the closest thing to a guarantee of long term survival.


Go ahead DREAM, DARE & DO.  This simple seven step system really works for me and I hope that it will help you along your path


Peter N. Van Giesen