The first meeting is structured as an exploratory fact-finding discussion thus is free of charge. 

Prior to any work being undertaken, a written agreement will be provided the client outlining our understanding of the: scope of the assignment, timelines, expected outcomes, fee schedule and terms of payment.

Past clients have seen dramatic results and you organization may see some of the same:


  • Double annual sales revenue while maintaining operating costs.
  • A comprehensive plan for an emerging business that facilitates the start-up financing and management.
  • Create an exciting viable vision of the future that includes implementing an action plan.
  • Build strong managers and stronger sales and customer service people.
  • Help the management team discover the gap between “what is” and “what should be” and develop a work plan to close those gaps.
  • Hire and retain great people.
  • Eliminate complacency, mediocrity, and status quo thinking.


  • Help your team discover, debate, and determine the needed elements of success: current realities, long term plans, strategies and tactics, and measures of success.
  • Improve financial controls and reporting.
  • Raise performance standards and employee morale.
  • Learn how to be a strong leader of people and yet keep your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Have the entire work group focus on winning and keeping customers.
  • Get the entire board and staff performing like a team rather than a group of individuals.
  • Get your key people to think outside the box and actually change.